Commit b8eeed90 authored by pryanikov's avatar pryanikov

revert to percona lib

parent ae877d26
......@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@ include_directories(
find_library(LMYSQL_CLIENT_R mysqlclient_r PATH_SUFFIXES mysql)
find_library(LMYSQL_CLIENT_R perconaserverclient_r PATH_SUFFIXES mysql)
find_library(LPTHREAD pthread)
find_library(LBOOST_SYSTEM_MT boost_system)
find_library(LBOOST_SERIALIZATION_MT boost_serialization)
libslave @ 66daede4
Subproject commit 57738a6d7ed084abfdb750ee23472382f1f1b800
Subproject commit 66daede4bf53efd9feed9e2a70b14c2c18e218e4
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